But Why Should I Read Your Stupid New Book, Martti?

Martti Nelson, Lady Author
3 min readAug 17, 2023

First of all — rude.


It’s here! My fever dream about meta rom-coms that is also a rom-com is here!

But why should you read ATTACK OF THE ROM-COM? This is why!

So basically…Tiffani the Psychic doesn’t like Sophie very much because Sophie mocked both love and the color pink, and Tiff is super into those things. Tiffani uses her…well…powers? Wut? To trap Sophie and her BFF Jodie in a rom-com. I mean four of them.

So my heroines are trapped in a rom-com together, but they’re definitely not feeling anything about it. Nooooope. Just gotta defeat Tiffani the Psychic and all will go back to normal with no mushy feelings whatsoever.


Here’s the blurb~

ATTACK OF THE ROM-COM by Martti Nelson

She’s just a girl. Standing in front of four rom-coms. Praying for death.

Sophie Sweet is a game programmer who adores three things: writing code; Doritos Surprise, the one thing she can cook; and her ride-or-die BFF Jodie Edwards. And only those three. To Sophie, people are a lousy bunch of jackasses who lie and leave when you need them most, so why bother? That goes double for “love,” a ridiculous fairy tale sold to women to keep them subjugated and cooking things besides Doritos Surprise, which is madness.

Sophie and Jodie have a tradition of getting their fortunes read at the carnival, but this year there’s a new surprise in town — Tiffani the Psychic. The bubbly psychic can see through Sophie’s tough-girl veneer to her squishy, hurt center. Tiffani tells Sophie she’ll prove that everlasting passion exists for everyone! Sophie tells Tiffani to screw off.

Big mistake. Huge.

Oh, yes — romance, and Tiffani, are coming for Sophie Sweet, whether she likes it or not. And she will Not. Like. It. Tiffani is an unstoppable force, and Sophie, an immovable object who cusses a lot. But Tiffani will prove to Sophie that love can heal her wounds. And it’s right in front of her oblivious face.


*Guarantee not actually a guarantee but I really hope you like it I spent waaaaay too long sitting on a couch writing this crap.



Martti Nelson, Lady Author

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