Monkeys & Manatees & Gators, So Fly!

I spent the day after Christmas kayaking down the Silver River in Florida, and I’ve got pretty swamp pics, yo.

How Many Manatees Do You See? I thought I was filming one.

We met turtles, a ton of gorgeous birds, a monkey, and the most manatees my brother had ever seen!

People ask, “How do you know if there are alligators in the water?” In Florida, the answer is always, “Yes.”
This handsome fella was NOT interested in allowing people on his boat ramp. But once we paid the bribe, everything was OK.
I can’t tell you how much I needed 6 hours of doing nothing but floating down a lazy river.
Ain’t we cute? I picked a photo where I didn’t have chocolate all over my mouth. You’re welcome.



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